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The Woman Behind the #'s     

MaCara Santiago spent years in the nonprofit world. Although, she
enjoyed many facets in the non-profit corporate field, a layoff from the
organization forced MaCara to start her own business, a professional
organizing company. On the road to rebuilding herself from a job loss
she took a financial literacy class that grew her interest and
understanding with personal finances. She enjoyed it so much she
became a financial coach and began teaching financial literacy classes
in her community.

While traveling extensively she noticed there was a gap of Black
women representation in the tax industry specializing in Expat and
international taxation. With a desire of living abroad and being a small
business advocate, she wanted to be the tax support person to
American Expats that had businesses.

In 2020, during the pandemic while earning her Accounting degree,
Macara's true passion manifested for organizing finances, traveling,
and problem solving led to her creation of Legacy Accounting Partners
in conjunction with Around the World Ledger®. A boutique
accounting agency specializing in tax preparation, planning, and
business financial organization to Expats and inspiring global

Your Favorite Expat CFO

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