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Around the World Ledger®
Relocation Package

Relocation Assistance 

Are you thinking about moving abroad but are unsure how to do it? You are not alone. Moving abroad has a lot of challenges. Leaving behind the comfort and familiarity of your home can be both challenging and exciting. Whether you are a seasoned expat or a newbie in the world of relocation, moving is hard emotionally and physically. Around the World Ledger® will take the emotional weight off your shoulders and help you navigate the relocation process, by assessing your needs, simplifying the moving process, and anticipating any obstacles that may arise.

Services Include:

  • Pre-Departure and Moving Research & Assistance

  • Tax Advisory

  • Visa and Work Permit Assistance

  • Accommodation Research

  • Translator Assistance

  • Health Insurance Information

  • Living Cost Information & Exchange Rates


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