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 Around the World Ledger


Around the World Ledger® is a boutique accounting firm specializing in international taxation for US Expat entrepreneurs and digital nomads.


We are a company for entrepreneurs who want more freedom and less stress when it comes to their business finances. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed and meeting them where they are. ​

We specialize in helping high achieving global women entrepreneurs get organized, get compliant, and gain control of their business finances through financial recordkeeping, reporting, and strategy.​

To break that down. We will:

  • Help you get clear on your finances and know your real numbers.

  • Help you recognize your financial pitfalls.

  • Help you create and maintain a budget.

  • Set up systems to keep you financially organized. And....

  • Consult with you on a strategy to continually grow your business to be profitable and sustainable.

Just like our client's we are located all over the world. We understand that filing US taxes while living abroad can be daunting and working with Around the Work Ledger® we pride ourselves helping people navigate a ridiculously complex system in a way that makes sense for their individual situation. 

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